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I've been getting on progressively more often. I need to scan and upload my art. A lot of it is old, and I know that one of them is one that :iconbiuemoon: has been waiting for a very long time.
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I only favourite MLP, Gravity Falls, Doctor Who, Wander Over Yonder, or stamps, unless it's REALLY cool or pretty.


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    Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Kayla.  She lived in a cabin with her parents on the coast of California.  One Friday she found a beautiful card on her pillow.  It said she was invited to a party under the sea!  The party would be on the next Saturday at 5 PM.

    So, the next day, she put her beautiful pink dress and a princess party hat in several layers of grocery bags and announced to her parents that she would be going to the beach and would be home before curfew.  Her parents said that was fine, and she went out on the short hike from her cabin to the beach.  

    Once at the beach, she went to the bathroom, changed into her party clothes, hid her casual clothes, and went out to the beach.  Kayla wasn't sure how she would get to the party, but as she thought for a moment, she decided to do the only thing she could think to do, and she walked into the water.  

    As she went in, she found that she had an air bubble around her head that allowed her to breathe under water!  She walked confidently down the steep incline to the party.  She walked about half a mile, and soon she could see a great palace, with mermaids and seahorses and many other beautiful aquatic things.  The palace looked like it was a cross between the Taj Mahal and the Greek building on Mount Olympus, so it was very pretty and very large.

    Kayla was greeted by several colorful mermaids, who invited her to go and see the palace.  Kayla loved the palace!  The floor was made of marble, and the walls were made of crystals and sea shells and many glittery things that cast colored beams of light through the room.  Outside there was happy music.  When she had finished touring the Taj Mahal/Greek building, she danced with magical seahorses to the beat of the cheerful tunes.  

    After just 3 hours and 45 minutes of partying, Kayla looked at the time and realized that she needed to go home immediately!  Curfew was at 9 PM, and Kayla knew that if she did not get home before then, she would be grounded for life.

    Kayla walked the half-mile up the coast and emerged from the shore, her dress wet.  As she came out, two boys who were playing with a beach ball stopped to stare at her.  How often did one get to see a little girl in a pink dress and princess party hat emerge from the sea, soaking wet, on the coast of California?  Kayla hurriedly walked to the bathroom to change into the clothes she had left the house in and put her wet clothes back into the plastic grocery bag.

    When Kayla got home, it was 10 minutes past curfew.  Kayla tried to run up to her bedroom in hopes of tricking her parents into thinking she had, in fact, gotten home on time, but her parents were waiting for her in the kitchen.  They approached her before she could escape to her bedroom.  Kayla tried to pass her tardiness off, telling her parents that she had been playing at the beach and had lost track of time, but her parents saw her wet pink dress through the bag, and so they knew that Kayla was lying.  She, they knew, had been at a party.  So, for going to a party without her parent's consent, breaking curfew, and lying, Kayla was grounded for life.  Kayla did NOT live happily ever after, but her parents did!!

Aaron rapped on the wooden door of his dying sister’s home.

“Come in,” came the creaky response.  Aaron softly spun the onyx sphere downward on the door thrice, then once to the left, and the latch clicked and opened inwardly.  Aaron poked his head into the house.  The only light present came in from the windows, dimly illuminating the grim brown flooring which had been planted on the floor nearly a decade ago.  Aaron smiled weakly at it, reminiscing in fond memories from long ago, before the plague came.  He could almost feel the heat from that sunny day, silently warming the back of his neck as he bent to adjust each wooden plank before pounding metal into it to keep it stable and ensure that it be there a long time to come.  He walked nonchalantly to his sister’s bedroom door, forgetting for a second her condition, as he recalled the subtle gleaming rays of the Tara, Mulek’s mother star, as it was on that day when the floors were built.  But the light in his eyes fled swiftly as he came to the doorway, his son following quietly after him, and he remembered why he was here.  

“Andraea,” he said before he entered the room.

“Come in,” she said again, perhaps as welcomingly as she could summon.  Andraea’s eyelids lifted, revealing her grey eyes.  Aaron strode briskly to her side and knelt on one knee by her bed.  His son, Ezra, followed behind him and stood at the corner of the bed, too concerned to interrupt the fragile silence of his father’s meeting.

“It’s me, Aaron, and your nephew, Ezra.  We’re here to say hello.”   Aaron leaned over and gave Andraea a feeble hug, as best as he could from his place on the floor.  His sister’s arm rose temporarily in an attempt to return the embrace, but it stopped halfway and drifted back down to the blankets, like a limp feather.  Ezra came closer and knelt by the bed.  Aaron felt his warmth.  

“I’m here, Aunty Anne,” Ezra said softly, cradling his aunt’s hand in his palms.  Aaron watched as he said this.  Aaron’s gaze drifted to Andraea’s hands, and he internally cringed and looked away.  Her hands are so pale, he thought.  He struggled not to think about it.  

“We come with pleasant news, Andy,” Aaron said, his eyes glimmering with hope.  Andraea stared into his eyes, and Aaron noticed that her eyes sparkled too.  “The council is meeting now,” Aaron said, holding Andraea’s hands in his.  “They’ve finished their research and their testing, and they’re going to know the cure.”  Aaron hesitated for fear he might give his sister false hope.  “They will make things like old times again, and you’ll be alright.  You’ll be cured.”

“That sounds wonderful, Aaron,” his sister said, resting her gaze on the ceiling.  There was a moment of silence.  Andraea looked back at Aaron again, and she said in a low, understanding whisper, “If they don’t find the cure though, Aaron, that’s O.K. too.”  Andraea pulled her head back and lay back down on her pillows.  Aaron’s brown eyebrows rose slightly in puzzlement, and it was as if he’d been looking out into the night sky and then seen the reflection of one of the three moons, only backwards, so that he saw the light first and then the darkness.  She must not be fully with it, he thought to himself as he considered her illness.

“Why is that, Aunt Anne?” Ezra asked, FINISH THIS SENTANCE (something to the effect of defeating the purpose of it not being asked, ignorant to his father’s refrain from asking, etc.)


“Karl, report.” Kaiser demanded, his hands outstretched on the table with a sense of urgency.  Karl’s eyes dimmed in dejection as he dropped his eyes down to his lap.

“None of the animals produced any results.  All of them have died of the illness.”  

“And you’re sure you tried all of the animals?”

“Yes, sir,” Karl said, his tone empty.  “We lost all of them.”  His gaze did not divert from his lap, which now held his restless hands.  “We spared no expense on the testing.  We tried everything.  Nothing worked.”

Kaiser nodded solemnly and glanced down at the clipboard in front of him.  Next to “Department of Animal-made Cures,” he wrote “failed.”  Without skipping a beat, Kaiser looked up and said, “Torstein, report.”  

“Our department had equal luck to theirs, sir.  Any proteins we tested on the the demon only made it stronger.  We were unable to kill it,” Torstein said, his eyes locked with Kaiser’s.  

“What about the other conditions?” Kaiser asked.

“The only degrees of heat or cold that had any effect on it were too severe to use as a cure.  It took unprecedented degrees of heat to destroy the menace.  No human could even hope to experience that heat for more than a second before tasting death.”  Torstein’s face was hard in an otherwise unrevealing expression of inner strength.  A rare speck of stardust twinkled in his eye, and then it vanished like a ghost that did not wish to be seen.

Next to “Department of Natural Solutions”: “failed.”

“Magnus, please tell me you’ve got something,” Kaiser said, turning to the only lady in the room.  Her shoulder-length brown coiffure seemed out of place during such a time of desperation.

“I cannot, sir,” Magnus said, shaking her head.  Her hands were on the table like Kaiser’s were.  “Not a single illness known to man managed to defeat the bacterium.  Each organism we tried, whether parasite or amoeba, was eaten up, or else died of starvation.  I can only hope that one of the others has found a solution.”  Magnus broke her gaze with Kaiser and looked down.  Her thoughts buzzed as if they were outside of her head.  Even a stranger could see them.  Kaiser let out some air and wrote “failed” next to Magnus’ department.  

“Herman, tell me what you’ve got.”  Kaiser’s eyebrows lifted subtly as he awaited his well-trusted friend’s response.  Herman’s mouth opened as if to say something, and then he glanced around the table, briefly making eye contact with each person, as if he had been betrayed.  He looked back at Kaiser, closing his mouth again, and then he opened it and spoke slowly, watching for a negative reaction: “There is a planet that is very distant from here.  An anonymous Abandoner reported it to us.  Its people appear to be immune to the bacterium.  The cure is in their blood, quite literally.”  Herman closed his eyes in a prolonged blink, hoping that no one would ask about the Abandoner.  It was as if discussing those who had left to escape the plague made the speaker one himself.  He opened his eyes again to look at Kaiser, who was staring distractedly to the side, tapping his pencil eraser on the table unconsciously.  The clunking resonated hollowness.  All sat upright at the table, now looking at Kaiser’s pencil, as they silently and secretly appreciated the sound.  It reminded them that the future had not happened yet.  Perhaps there was hope, after all.

“We will go there,” Kaiser said finally, lifting his head as if to make eye contact with everyone all at once.  “Or, more accurately, we will send someone.  They can bring one of those Fountains of Life here,” he said.  “Accumulate everyone in Malor who has obligation to stay on Mulek.  People are about to be drafted.”  A note of victorious silence stung the air.

“Kaiser,” Herman began after a long moment, “with all due respect and acknowledgment of the circumstances, what right do we have to steal another’s blood?” Herman’s tone was like a child’s.  Kaiser’s head turned suddenly to face Herman.  He glared at his inferior, his eyes like scorched knives slicing mercilessly into Herman’s cool baby blues.  Herman shrunk in his seat and narrowly avoided letting out a whimper.

“We have every right,” Kaiser said, “to save our people.”  


Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015 Day 2
Here are the almost 2,300 words I've written since beginning to write for Camp NaNoWriMo yesterday.  It's terrible, I know, but I've got to start somewhere!!  I am gradually reading up on how to write better, so I am learning new things to add to my writing each day.  Hopefully it'll start looking better as you get farther away from the beginning.  
#AgraphiaGroup #NaNoWriMo #CampoNaNoWriMo


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I have Asthma, ADHD, OCD, and mild Asperger’s. I am allergic to so many things that I haven't even memorized them all. Here are the ones that I HAVE memorized: Sulfa, cats, pollen, mountain cedar, hay, dust, rodents (I'm HIGHLY allergic to rats), yellow jackets, mildly to dogs, and I am SUPER allergic to a type of perfume my friends has that I learned never to put on my face. I am also mildly lactose intolerant. But my life is AWESOME!! My grades are all 90's or above. All my MAP scores are pretty much college level (a good amount above high school, at least), and I go to the LDS church.

I have to work VERY hard for the grades I have. During the week, as most of you know, I am BUSY! So it really frustrates me when I see somebody making hardly any effort and setting very low expectations for themselves getting grades as high as or higher than my own. It also really, really irks me when I see somebody cheating intentionally, like say, when they're using their sister's already annotated Book Thief to fill in their quotation journal!!!! (If you're reading this Michael…)

Emails to my Brother

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 5, 2014, 11:40 AM

My brother's lease is still going...  It's late, but he has agreed to pay extra for the overtime.  I've been emailing him weekly lately, but that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the lease.  I've been emailing him with questions as to how he's doing (he hasn't responded yet, as far as I am aware), giving him videos and pictures to make him smile, giving advice (coupons, what to say when someone says "tell me something I don't know," and offering a book on how to go to college for very little money, etc.), and giving him a spiritual thought for Sunday, sometimes with a link to an extra video or article. 
I don't know if he has been reading them, but in case he is and just is too busy to email me back, I am going to continue sending a weekly email.  I want him to know that I am there for him if he feels that he needs me, and I want to be there even when he doesn't need me.  I'm hoping that it will make up for not being there for him in the past.  When he needed me most, I was thinking that it would just be better to stay out of it and sat there playing a worthless game of Minecraft 24/7.  I knew for years that he needed me (I reread my journal entries that aren't on dA), and I wasn't there for him.  Granted, he probably wouldn't have accepted my help in the first place....  But there were things I could have done, things that I thought about doing and then didn't.  I am not letting that continue to happen anymore.
Thanks for reading!
Sincerely, a flawed human like yourself.

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